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Canon Ad-11 AC Original Wall Power Supply Adapter (230V) - Output: 6V DC 300ma
Canon Ad-11 AC Original Wall Power Supply Adapter (230V) - Output: 6V DC 300ma - Original Retail Packing for Canon Calculators P20-DX, BP10D, BP12D, MP1DH, P23-DTSC II, P1-DTSC, P1DPLUS, P1DMK5, P1DH, P10DH, P14D, P40DMK2, P40DII, P41D, P41DMK2, P23D ...
7,51€ excl BTW
Canon AS-1200 Simple Calculator - Dual Power, Angled Display, Large LCD, Ergonomic Design, Auto Off, Round Up, Round Down, Key Rollover, Sign Change, Double Zero, Slide Switch - 12 Digits - LCD - Battery/Solar Powered - Dark Grey
9,46€ excl BTW
Canon AS-220RTS Simple Calculator - 12 Digits - LCD - Battery/Solar Powered - 36 mm x 134 mm x 150 mm - Black
10,93€ excl BTW
Canon AS-2400 Simple Calculator - 14 Digits - LCD - Battery/Solar Powered - 34 mm x 140 mm x 198 mm - Dark Grey
10,70€ excl BTW
Canon KS-1220TSG Simple Calculator - Large Adjustable Display, Large Plastic Keytop, Key Rollover, Sign Change, Dual Power, Double Zero, Angled Display - 12 Digits - LCD - Battery/Solar Powered - CR2016 - 16.3 mm x 109 mm x 178 mm - Silver - Plastic
The KS-1220TSG is at the top end of Canon’s Essential Series, offering a range of advanced functions. The stylish design and finish add value to this premium product.\n\nThe KS-1220TSG offers advanced functions for office professionals. The stylish d ...
21,44€ excl BTW
Canon LC-8E-CP Euro Currency Convertor Handheld 8 Digit Calculator (4042A006)
Canon LC-8E-CP Euro Currency Convertor Handheld 8 Digit Calculator (4042A006) Canon LC-8E calculator Rekenmachine met display ...
2,93€ excl BTW
Canon LS-10TEG Simple Calculator - 10 Digits - LCD - Battery/Solar Powered - 14 mm x 78 mm x 112 mm - Grey
9,43€ excl BTW
Canon LS-39E Simple Calculator - 8 Digits - LCD - Battery/Solar Powered - 8 mm x 70 mm x 116 mm - Dark Grey
8,05€ excl BTW
Canon MP1211-LTSC Printing Calculator - Dual Color Print - Dot Matrix - 4.3 lps - Large LCD - 12 Digits - LCD - 334 mm x 219 mm x 74.5 mm - Metallic Silver - Plastic
67,27€ excl BTW
Canon P29-D IV Printing Calculator - Dual Color Print - 3.6 lps - 10 Digits - Fluorescent - Power Adapter Powered - 65 mm x 200 mm x 248 mm
74,47€ excl BTW
Canon TX-1210E Simple Calculator - 1 KB - 12 Digits - LCD - Battery/Solar Powered - 30 mm x 175 mm x 126 mm - Black
17,65€ excl BTW
HP EasyCalc 100 Home / Business Calculator F2239AA - Solar Power + Battery Backup 12 Digits LCD Display (F2239AA#AK9) - Special Promo Price
Retail Packaging HP EasyCalc 100 Solar Add, subtract, multiply, and divide Percent, square root and memory functions for tougher calculations Large 12-digit display Solar power, battery backup, and automatic power off   ...
19,93€ excl BTW
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